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Trinidad Motmot. 

Trinidad Motmot. 

Tobago covers about 190 square miles, the biggest town and capital is Scarborough. The island is of vulcanic origin, in general it consists of one mountain range rising about 1800 feet above sea level in the northen part, close to Charlotteville. Charlotteville, sometimes called ‘the best kept secret of the Caribbean´ offers a variety of activities from snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving to hiking and birdwatching so nature lovers will find everything for a perfect vacation except ‘hustle and bustle.’

What to do

Scuba Diving

Tobago is famous for its untouched and beautiful sea life. Diving you will sea any kind of corals and a big variety of tropical fish. Those who want to scuba dive should contact Aljoscha from the Environmental Research Institute Charlotteville just oh the other side of the road. If you want to snorkel, there are many nice spots around the bay.

Rain Forest

The Is owns the oldest Nature Forest Reserve in the world. In the 18th century the Dutch declared about one third of the island as national forest reserve, it hasn't been touched since... 

Many locals will offer to guide you through the ´Bush´, but there are also some hotels and smaller enterprises that offer jungle tours.

 Besides the many nice beaches on the Island, don´t miss a trip to Pigeon Point. With its gently waving coconut palm trees over the white sand and the warm and clean waters, no doubt one of the postcard beaches of the Caribbean. 

The days when you just don’t feel to do anything, ‘chill out’ in the hammock on the veranda or between the trees in the garden and simply enjoy the view. Besides the closeby fish market where you can buy fresh fish every day during the daytime, There is a supermarket and other small shops to provide you with all you might need to make your stay an enjoyable one.

Pirates Bay, 20 Minutes by foot

Home cooked Red Snapper

Campbellton Beach, One hour walk from the house.

Trinidad Motmot.         

                                                          Foto: Stephen Turner

Bucco Reef

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